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Couples Counselling

Relationships can become problematic over time and often the down-turn starts with the couple having the same argument, repeatedly over and over.  This can result in some of the following presenting issues:

  • Patience and love being replaced with contempt and resentment.

  • Either one or both looking for emotional support elsewhere, which then leads to an affair.

  • Communication levels dropping and then completely breaking down.

  • Resurrection of past hurts.

  • Sexual contact and desire diminishing.

Both parties bring their first family experiences into the couple relationship and extra pressure can spark off discontent such as, births and deaths, finance problems, parenting differences, religion or cultural differences, expected gender roles, loss of independence, intimacy issues and jealousy.

I work with the couple using various approaches that encourages empathy, open discussion, re-evaluation, new ways of relating and most importantly, to give time and space for healthy and respectful exploration.

Examples of Goals Couples like to work towards:

  • Reconnection with love and passion.

  • Acknowledge power struggles and eradicate blame.

  • Strengthen the quality of the relationship regarding understanding and communication.

  • Identify negative patterns.

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